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Friday, October 7, 2011

FREE guided tour of John Wayne Airport.

Guided tours of the Thomas F. Riley Terminal are offered, free of charge, as part of the John Wayne Airport Public Affairs Program. Volunteer tour guides, including private pilots, teachers, executives and Airport employees, donate their time to familiarize the public with the Terminal.

An Airport tour starts at the John Wayne StatueTour Features - Tours begin at the John Wayne statue on the Arrival (lower) Level (bring your camera!). Groups view and receive explanations of how planes fly, the Wright Brothers flight, terminal architecture, historical photo displays, rental car areas, baggage carousels, airline ticket counter areas, security checkpoints, flight display monitors, paging, and skycap activity. The last stop on the tour is an area where the participants can view the airfield and planes taking off and landing. Due to heightened security, tour groups are currently NOT permitted entry to the secured side of the Terminal. (The FAA does not permit tours of the Control Tower. The Fire Station does not allow tours.) 

Scheduling a Tour - Tours are scheduled in advance (usually two or more weeks). To arrange a tour, please call the John Wayne Airport tour coordinator. Tours are offered at non-peak traffic hours, usually 10:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (call regarding other start times). Saturday tours can also be arranged. The tour lasts between 1 to 1-1/2 hours. There is no charge for the tour. An "Activity Book," with representative pictures of stops on the tour and educational pages, is available free of charge to youngsters.

Group Size - Tour groups can be as small as two or three participants, and are limited to a maximum of 25, including chaperones. Larger groups (a maximum of 50 people on a given day) can be accommodated, but will be divided into two groups who will tour simultaneously. Children must be at least five years old and/or in first grade and must be accompanied by an appropriate number of adult chaperones. High School and college tours may be arranged with aviation career speakers provided.

Parking - For private cars, convenient short-term parking is available in all the lots at a cost of $2 per hour. This is the only cost involved for the tour. Due to heightened security, all vehicles may be searched when entering the parking structures.


Laura said...

Ok, my boys would love this!!!!

Stefani said...

They would, so would my kiddo's. I am thinking spring break...