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Just call me your Budget Barista. I have been married for 20 years to the best man on this planet. He's sweet, caring, kind, but most of all he makes me laugh. We have Three adorable kids. A beautiful sweet pea girl, A 'superman' boy, and a love bug baby girl. We just love that we live where people vacation...where the ocean meets the sky. We live a wonderful life. I love my life and I thank Christ for giving it to me. Some random things about me are I enjoy baking, quilting, paper crafting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, and loving on my family. I am a Princess in the Kingdom of the King of Kings, diet coke drinking baby kisser. We are a homeschooling family but are part of a hybrid program where the children attend a 'classroom' 2 days a week and we do the rest at home. It's a blast. We also love to vacation and explore God's world around us. I think that's enough for now. :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kids say the silliest things....

My daughter had a friend over a few days ago and they weren't "into" playing the same things.  At one point my daughter made a not so nice remark about how the other little girls idea was "for babies".  I interjected and asked her what she liked to do?  Then I proceeded to explain that everyone likes to do and play different things.  Each person is unique and special.  As I was trying to explain to her everyone has their "things"/hobbies I asked her what does so and so like to play? She gave me an answer.  I asked her what does so and so like to play, she gave me an answer. We did this several times as I named off various friends of hers.  

Then I said it's true of adults too. I asked her what does Papa like to do? She said Flying.  I then asked What does mama like to do? and to my surprise my sweet 3 year old son (who I didn't even know was listening!) says "Scream!".  I started to laugh as I knew where he was coming from because it did appear that this was one of those days where I was in fact screaming, part if it was in fun, but I had yelled at him while he was upstairs and about to drop a piece of glass down stairs. I was yelling because I was downstairs and he was upstairs.  Then about an hour later he was in the backyard and was about to throw his beloved sister's kitty (her absolute favorite thing on this planet) and again the only thing I had was my voice to try and stop him (There was no way I could run from inside to outside in order to stop him in time).  Then, first thing in the morning we had been making pancakes and I was singing, being crazy and being loud...not screaming, but to a three year old it was loud and fun....So, all I could do was laugh as I thought about the morning we did have, but then my daughter and her friend started laughing and then my son was laughing.  It was a funny remark, one that I won't forget anytime soon!  I just pray that He doesn't really see me that way on a daily basis....Kids say the silliest things.

On a side note, I did ask my 7 year old later, "does mama scream a lot?" She said "no"...oh praise God!  I think I would have died if she said yes.