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Just call me your Budget Barista. I have been married for 20 years to the best man on this planet. He's sweet, caring, kind, but most of all he makes me laugh. We have Three adorable kids. A beautiful sweet pea girl, A 'superman' boy, and a love bug baby girl. We just love that we live where people vacation...where the ocean meets the sky. We live a wonderful life. I love my life and I thank Christ for giving it to me. Some random things about me are I enjoy baking, quilting, paper crafting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, and loving on my family. I am a Princess in the Kingdom of the King of Kings, diet coke drinking baby kisser. We are a homeschooling family but are part of a hybrid program where the children attend a 'classroom' 2 days a week and we do the rest at home. It's a blast. We also love to vacation and explore God's world around us. I think that's enough for now. :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Velcro days....

As a mom of 3 little ones we have days that we call Velcro days. Tthose are the days that you feel stuck to your kids. Know what I mean? Let me share with you my Velcro days.  It began On Sat. afternoon when the baby came down with a fever. She was cranky, whiny, and cling-y.  She was up a few times in the night and so I got less sleep.  Sunday she just wanted to be held, but by the end of the day she seemed to be feeling much better.

Then this morning we were taking my oldest to school. My son was complaining that his tummy hurt. I thought that it was just "hunger" pains. I fed him and we took my daughter to school, but he still complained that his tummy hurt.  I asked him if he felt sick, no he said.  I asked if he felt like he needed to go poo? No he said. I then asked if he thought he was gonna throw up? No he said. We got back in the car from drop off and drove home, about half way home he says he wants me to hold him. I said we were almost home and that I would the min. we got there. I put my hand on his leg (that's all i could reach).  About a block from the house he started to smack his lips and swallow many times. I thought oh no, he's gonna blow. I parked the car, grabbed him from the back seat, but he just wanted to be held. As his chest was pressed to mine i could feel the heaving in his and pulled back just in time!  Yep, he blew.  As the morning went on he threw up a total of  3 times and wanted to be held/sit together much of the day.  Thankfully, my sister is staying with us and did a few of my chores for me, made dinner, and went shopping too. So, the last few days have been Velcro days.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes.

My sister is staying with us while she waits to hear about a traveling job.  She brought an old computer for the kids to have, but needed to get the info and pictures out of it. She was downloading the info and pic's on to a portable hard drive, but while it was loading she was going down memory isle, looking at all the pics.  We had all gone to Maui 5 years ago. Since having my first child and gaining a ton of weight I've not lost it. My son was looking at the pictures with us and there was one where I have on sunglasses and my hair is curly (not how i wear it now and how he knows me).  In the picture my daughter (then 2 yrs. old), my hubby and I are making a goofy face and my sons says "look at that fat lady making a funny face".   You could have heard the laughter and then the "oh snap!" comment a mile away!  I laughed, but i think my sister laughed the hardest...I'll have to smack her later for that :-)  My daughter "got it" too and was laughing and then says to my 3 year old son "that's mama!" and my son looks at me, looks at the picture but is too caught up in everyone laughter to say anything.  Meanwhile my heart sank.  Is that how he sees me?  How does he know what "fat" is? Where did he learn that from? I guess i better loose weight. Funny thing is I have been, I've lost 11 pounds since the beginning of the year and will loose more. I have to now! Sigh....out of the mouths of babes!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Little man's cupcakes were so fun!

We wanted to combine the kids' B-days. Coming up with something that "matched" or that could be co-ed was a little hard. So choosing "like" colors came to me and we went with Black, Red, and White. As you saw yesterday, I made a ladybug cake for the baby. I then made cupcakes with "cars" on them for lil man.  I used Black icing that looked like the color of tires...even when they put it in their mouth.  All the kids landed up with black lips, black tongues, and black fingers. It was so FUN!  We went through a ton of wipes to get it off their little fingers, mouths, and more.  It was a wonderful day Playing pin the race car on the track for the boys and pin the ladybug on the flower for girls.  Then we played red light, green know cars have to stop and go at the lights.  The kids bounced on the bounce house like a bunch of Tiggers, played on the playground like little monkeys. We had a GREAT time.  I wonder what I'll do next year...?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

One of My Newest Creations.

It's not always easy to be creative with 3 children around, but i manage a little something every now and again :-) So this is one of my latest and I must say it's really cute. For my daughters first Birthday we went with a lady bug theme, because we call her Luvbug. Here's a picture of her cake and snacks. It was a sweet day with lots of fun, friends, and family.  We combined both my younger kids b-days this year as they are born in the same month.  We thought that Luvbug would dive into the cake as she is my little eater.  She'll eat almost anything.  She reminds me of the commercial from years ago. "Mikey likes it".  She surprised us tho and was more curious with it. She picked at it and sort of ate it, but it wasn't like "diving" into it.  Oh, well none of my kids dug into their first B-day cakes...maybe my grand kids will do it one day?  Next year I am sure thing will change. She'll be all over it.  I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures that I took of my sons cupcakes.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's official, I am a blogger!

Can you believe it?  I thought that since I love to be creative and one of my favorite things is scrap booking what better way to journal than to have a blog.  I thought that since getting around to all my photos as quickly as I’d like is impossible (I have 3 small children) that If I had a blog I could record the details of my life and as I scrapbook them I could show that as well. So here I am bloggers. It’s good to be here. I look forward to many years worth of journaling.  If you’d like to learn more about me just click on the about me portion.  I look forward to meeting you and making many new friends.  TTFN (now it really shows I have 3 small kids!)